Product End of Life Recycling Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a Magnuson Group product, manufactured to provide you with years of faithful service. Committed to recycling and circular design solutions, we offer the following guidelines for disposing of all elements of your Magnuson Group product at the end of its useful life.

To Disassemble:

  • If the product has a plastic liner, remove the liner and set it aside.
  • Place the unit on its side and remove the glides.
  • With a box cutter or other similar knife, carefully cut into the plastic base of each glide so the plastic bits can be removed from the threaded stem.
  • Put the plastic bits from the glides into the liner and keep the stems of the glides with the product’s other metal components.
  • Remove the QR code label from the bottom of the unit and the small, black and white Magnuson Group label (if present), and place these labels in the liner.
  • Using the box cutter, remove any other labels from the product. The material from these labels will need to go to a landfill.
  • Disassemble the metal components of the product to the extent possible (a power drill may be required) for efficient transport and storage at the recycling facility.

To Recycle:

  • The plastic liner, the plastic from the glides, and the QR code and Magnuson Group labels can be taken to a facility where plastics are recycled.
  • The metal components, including the stems of the glides, can be taken to a facility where metal is recycled.
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